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The 2x2 Workbook provides creative support and accountability for two outlines and two beat sheets- taking you right to the front door of your script! Take the guess work out of writing your first draft and develop you characters, story and structure before you write a page. 


2X2 Curriculum

  • Week One - Fine tune your idea & write your first outline. This week's assignments are created to clarify your story.
  • Week Two - Add to your outline with connective tissue that creates a compelling narrative. Strengthen your story with key elements.
  • Week Three - Write your first beat sheet, transferring the outline into script format, adding scenes that build momentum around key actions and events. 
  • Week Four - Dig Deeper into character development, genre, tone, audience and your own unique perspective as a writer to create a more robust and compelling story for the second beat sheet. 
  • * Bonus Pages for development & further development!

The Four Draft Intensive workbook is a deep dive into your script, after your first draft. Download to exponentially improve your screenplay!


4DI Curriculum

  • Week One - Character Development
  • Week Two - World Rules
  • Week Three - Premise, Plot & Timeline
  • Week Four - Structure
  • Week Five - Stakes & Tension
  • Week Six - Tone
  • Week Seven - Dialog & Other Fat
  • Week Eight - Language and Logline
  • * Bonus Pages for development & further development!

2X2 | 4DI Bundle

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